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You must write two CBEST essays for the California Basic Educational Skills Test. The first of these essays will be the personal essay question.

The second type of essay that you will have to write for the test is the expository type of essay.

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For expository essays, exam candidates will be given a statement. The candidates are then asked to evaluate or analyze that statement in their written essays.

For example, prompts for expository essays might ask: "It is often said that every cloud has a silver lining. State whether you agree or disagree with this statement, giving logical reasons and detailed examples."

For these types of essays on the test, you will write about some kind of issue, and you will often be asked to take a side or state an opinion.

Expository essays are also referred to as analytical essays or argumentative essays.

The best tip we can give you for writing expository essays is to use the third person. In other words, avoid using the word "you." CBEST examiners have commented that the use of the word "you" in essays makes them feel that they are being told what to do.

Remember that expository essays, as well as personal essays, are graded on the following criteria: If you pass only one of the essays, you will need to re-take the entire writing section of the test, in which case you will have to write both essays again.

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