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Here are some free computation and problem solving questions for the CBEST Math Test. The answers to the problems are provided at the bottom of the page:

These questions are from our CBEST Math Practice Tests Instant Download.

Question 1: If 5x - 4(x + 2) = -2, then x = ?

A.   0
B.   8
C.   6
D.  -8
E.  -6

Comment: This test problem for math is a basic algebraic computation. Approximately 35% of the questions on the CBEST Test for Math involve computation or problem solving.

Tip: For this type of math test problem, remember to do the multiplication on the parenthetical item first.

Question 2: Simplify the following mathematical expression: -183 + 56 + (-17)

A.   110
B.   144
C.  -144
D.  -110
E.  -256

Comment: This is an arithmetic question. Like sample math test problem 1 above, it is a computation type of math test problem.

Tip: For this type of math problem, remember to be careful with positives and negatives.

Question 3: During each flight, a flight attendant must count the number of passengers on board the aircraft. The morning flight had 52 passengers more than the evening flight, and there were 540 passengers in total on the two flights that day. How many passengers were there on the evening flight?

A.   244
B.   296
C.   488
D.   540
E.   592

Comment: This type of math problem on the test assesses your ability to perform necessary math operations in order to solve a practical math problem. The test section for CBEST Math will have several problem solving questions similar to this one.

Tip: To solve this type of math question on the test, subtract the difference in passengers between the two flights from the total passengers for the day. Then divide the result by two.

Question 4: Use the information below to answer the question that follows:

Which one of the following statements could be true?

A.   Classes begin at 9:30am.
B.   Classes begin at 10:00am.
C.   The second class after lunch begins at 2:00pm.
D.   The second class after lunch begins at 2:50pm.
E.   The third class after lunch begins at 3:00pm

Comment: This math test problem assess your ability to identify and understand facts given in a math problem.

Tip: To answer this type of math problem, read the test question and the data carefully and then calculate the time differences.

Question 5: Ben uses one bag of dog food every 6 days to feed his dog. Approximately how many bags of dog food would Ben require for three months?

A.   5
B.   6
C.  10
D.  15
E.  20

Comment: This type of problem on the Math Test involves the recognition of mathematical methods of solving a problem.

Tip: To answer this type of math test problem on the Test, determine approximately how many days there are in three months, and then divide by 6.

Answers to the Sample CBEST Math Test:

1. C

2. C

3. A

4. A

5. D

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