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Here are some free CBEST sample tests for research skills. The answers to these sample test questions are provided at the bottom of the page:

These questions are from our CBEST Reading Practice Tests Instant Download.

Sample 1 - Research Skills

Look at the extract from an index below to answer the two questions that follow.

Inventions  138-139
    classification as  139
    originality of  138
Inventors  140-155
    definition  141     Edison, Thomas Alba  142-146
        gramophone  144
        incandescent lamp  146
        kinetoscope  143
        phonograph  142
        transmitter  145
    Marconi, Guglielmo  147-152
        radar  147
        telegraph  148-152
    Singer, Isaac Merritt  153-154
        treadle sewing machine  154
        universal acknowledgement of  153
Inventors and patents  153-170
    categories  157

1.   Which page or pages give information about what determines whether a person is called "an inventor"?

A.   139
B.   141
C.   157
D.   140-155
E.   153-170

2.   How is the section of the book on individual inventors organized?

A.   alphabetically by inventor's last name
B.   chronologically by date of invention
C.   from the most to least significant
D.   by nationality of inventor
E.   by categories of use

Comments: This CBEST sample reading test question illustrates how the test question will ask you to locate the place in a book or chapter where a specific kind of information can be found, as in sample question 1.

Sample reading exam question 2 shows that you will have to understand how a reading selection is organized.

In other words, the sample above demonstrates two types of research skills tested on the CBEST Exam.

Sample 2 - Research Skills

Look at the table of contents below from an astronomy textbook in order to answer the two questions that follow.

Part 1: The Moon & Stars
Introduction                                                 1
The Phases of the Moon                             24
Characteristics of Stars                              38
The Constellations                                     49

Part 2:Comets & Meteors
Cosmic Debris                                          57
Falling Stars                                             84
Characteristics of Comets and Meteors     120

Part 3: The Planets
The Planets and Their Moons                    138
Characteristics of the Planets                    156
Planets and Gases                                   173
Life on the Planets                                    201

Part 4: Space Exploration
Apollo: The Early Years                             225
The Race to Space                                    251
After the Cold War                                     282
The Universe Beyond                                 311

Glossary                                                   333
Bibliography                                              341
Index                                                        352

1.   The reader wants to see if this textbook has made any reference to another book entitled: The Earth and the Sky. Where can the reader look to determine this the most quickly?

A.   Part 1
B.   Part 2
C.   Glossary
D.   Bibliography
E.   Index

2.   Which part of the book is most likely to discuss whether inter-planetary space travel will be undertaken in the future?

A.   Part 1
B.   Part 2
C.   Part 3
D.   Part 4
E.   Index

Comments: These sample CBEST reading test questions are examples of how you will need to use an index or similar sections of a book to locate information. This sample demonstrates another type of research skill tested on the exam.

Sample 1 Answers - Research Skills

1.   B

2.   A

Sample 2 Answers - Research Skills

1.   D

2.   D

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