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How to Find a Teaching Job
If you want to find a teaching job in public education, EDJOIN is California's premiere online job search site for educators.

You may be looking for a full-time teaching position, substitute teaching, or a teaching support job.

If so, EDJOIN may have the teaching job that you are looking for.

EDJOIN Website

The California Teacher Website has online chat and support for new teachers looking for jobs.

California Teacher Website

The Teach California Website has great resources and a "Find a Job" section.

Teach California Website

On the K12 Jobspot Website, you can search for jobs by state, including California and Oregon.

K12 Jobspot Website

EducationJobs.com has an option for teachers to register for new job vacancies and then have job vacany updates sent to them by email. EducationJobs.com

Best of luck in your search for finding a teaching job!

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