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Teaching Careers Advice Page
You may be interested in alternative teaching careers if you have just graduated with an education degree and are unsure if teaching in a state public school is for you.

The good news is that careers for those with education degrees are varied, and there are many other careers you can consider as an alternative to teaching in a state public school.

Having earned an education degree means that you have a wealth of transferable career skills and potential alternative careers and work environments.

If you are growing weary of the State's requirements for teaching careers in public schools, you many want to consider a career in teaching in another environment.

For example, you can teach in a private school without having to be certified. All you need is an education degree.

Click on the following link for information on careers in teaching in private schools:

Employent in Private Schools - Jobs Database

You could also consider a career teaching in an adult education program, community outreach programn, YMCA, hospital, or corrections facility.

A further career option for those with teaching degrees is a career with one of the governmental agencies, such as the Departments of Education, Defense, and Labor.

Governmental agencies offer well-paid, secure careers and preference is often given to job candidates with education backgrounds.

Career Opportunities with Government Agencies

Finally, you may also want to consider teaching overseas. Normally you only require a bachelor's degree for a career in teaching overseas.

Teaching abroad can be the start of a richly-rewarding career path.

Teaching Career Opportunities Overseas

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