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Are you interested teaching online? Do you like sharing your knowledge with other people?

Would you like to be an online mentor to students around the world who share your interests?

Would you like to get paid for teaching conveniently from your home computer?

If so, you many want to teach online with Universal Class.

Universal Class presently has opportunities for online teaching. Teachers can share their knowledge with the global community. Universal Class is looking for part-time instructors and course writers.

Online Teaching Opportunities with Universal Class

Online Learning.net has an instructor training program for teachers wanting to teach online. Online Learning.net also has a teaching jobs sections and an online teaching self-assessment questionnaire.


You can also become a Certified Online Instructor (COI) with the Learning Resources Network. The official website of the Learning Resources Network is LERN.org, but LERN’s Certified Online Instructor Program is described on the following page:

Learning Resources Network

On the other hand, you may be looking for online teaching resourses to support and supplement your classroom teaching.

Online Teaching Tips has tips for designing online course content, developing online teaching materials, and doing assessment online.

Online Teaching Tips