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Our CBEST Practice Test website is designed to to offer exam preparation and testing practice for new teachers taking the California Basic Education Skills Test.

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We have instantly downloadable Practice CBEST Tests in Reading and Math, as well as our California Basic Education Skills Test Essay Writing Guide.

Our self-study exam preparation material contains practice tests in each of the areas tested on the actual exam: reading, mathematics, and writing.

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Here are some free samples from our instant downloads:

Free Practice Math Test 1

Free Practice Math Test 2

Free Practice Math Test 3

Free Practice Reading Test 1

Free Practice Reading Test 2

Free Practice Reading Test 3

CBEST Personal Essay Tips

CBEST Expository Essay Tips

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As you know, the CBEST is the California Basic Skills Educational Test.

Testing is required for educators in the state of California by Californian legislation. Testing is required in association with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

The exam is therefore a requirement of California laws on credentialing and employment within the area of teaching in the state of California.

Testing is also utilized in the state of Oregon as a requirement of teacher certification.

The CBEST Test Format
Information on the format of the tests for the Math Test, Reading Test, and Essay Writing.

CBEST Study Guide
Our CBEST Study Guide includes 3 Practice Reading Tests, 3 Practice Math Tests, 4 sample essays, and our Essay Writing Guide.

CBEST Preparation
Looking for CBEST preparation? This page gives you information and advice on the best way to prepare for your exam.

Price List for Our CBEST Books
Information on prices and downloads for our practice testing materials.

CBEST Review for Math
Review for the Math Test with our Math Practice Tests.

CBEST Questions for Measurement and Statistics
Free sample questions for the measurement, estimation, and statistics part of the Math Test.

CBEST Exam Practice – Charts and Graphs
Free exam practice for the charts, graphs, and numerical relationships part of the Math Exam.

CBEST Math Test – Problem Solving
Free computation and problem solving questions for the Math Test.

CBEST Prep for Reading
Our Practice Reading Tests are in the same format as the actual Reading Test.

CBEST Tests – Critical Reading
Free tests for critical reading from our Practice Reading Tests.

CBEST Reading for Context
Free CBEST reading for context questions from our Practice Reading Tests.

CBEST Sample Test – Research Skills
Free sample tests for the research skills component of the test in Reading.

CBEST California Test – Essay Page
To pass the test in California, you must be able to demonstrate the ability to write well. This page tells you how to pass your writing test.

CBEST Writing – Personal Essay
Tips and tricks for the personal experience essay question.

CBEST Essays – Expository Essays
Advice and suggestions for the expository essay.

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Help with loan refinancing and student loan consolidation for college graduates.

Find a Teaching Job
The Find a Teaching Job page tells you all of the best resourses for applying for teaching jobs online.

Teaching Online
If you are interested in teaching online, this page explains your online teaching options and tells you which resources for online teaching are the best.

Teaching Careers
The Teaching Careers Advice Page gives career advice for teachers and describes alternatives to teaching in state public schools.

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